Aro Ha_0986.jpg



Mind like a diamond

Body like a Rollercoaster


some vitals

Mid-twenties bisexual femme

5'7" ■ 145 lb ■ 38-28-40 ■ 34DDD ■ size 2 - 4

Body type: hourglass + athletic

Irish, Chinese, Native Hawaiian

Eyes: blue-green
Hair: brunette

Non-surgically enhanced
Tattoos? Yes, two
Piercings? Yes, two

Degrees: BA in English, MFA in Creative Writing



"If you have one appetite,
he thought, / You have them all"


on roses...

A few of my favorite things

Food. From tasting menus and omakase to hole-in-the-walls and taquerias, there's nothing I love more than sharing a meal! My palette is wide-ranging and adventurous; care to share your favorite spot with me? Avid home cook. Adore wine, craft cocktails and hoppy IPAs.

Shibari. I am an accomplished performer, model, and educator of Japanese-style suspension rope bondage. Bonafide fly girl.

Fitness. Flexibility/contortion training, yoga, barre, strength training, hiking, and more. (Just don't make me jog, for the love of love!)

Reading. Contemporary literary novels and short stories, non-fiction, theory, poetry, and memoir. After two humanities degrees, I've had enough of the canon for one lifetime; these days, I pretty much exclusively read works by women, minorities, and other marginalized voices. Check out my Goodreads for some favorites, and to find out what I'm reading now!

Live music. Museums. Theater and cinema. Learning a new skill. Making art. Activism. Festivals. Wellness and self-care. Spa days. Beach days. Traveling. Netflix and chill. Hygge.

Looking for gift ideas? I'm touched. Please view my Gifts page for further suggestions.