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How should I contact you?

  • New clients: please fill out my booking form in its entirety, including screening information. From there, my assistant Chloe will reach out to coordinate and confirm our appointment. Your date is confirmed once I’ve received your deposit. Shortly before our date, I’ll share my phone number, which we’ll use to coordinate day-of. Please respect my boundaries; this line is not for general chit-chat or subsequent booking requests.

  • Returning friends: e-mail me directly to request a date, including length and date desired, as well as any salient details. I can't wait to catch up with you!

I will always be impeccably clean and well-groomed for our appointment – I expect the same from you! Unless you’ve come straight from your own shower, I will invite you to use mine upon arrival. Please take particular care with your oral hygiene, and ensure your fingernails are neatly groomed. My sensitive skin does not tolerate prolonged contact with stubble well, so whenever possible I prefer my friends clean-shaven or with neatly groomed facial hair. Beards are completely fine; a jaw like sandpaper is not.

You should have my consideration ready in an unsealed envelope, and place it in plain sight at the outset of our meeting. Please don’t make me ask for the envelope, as this puts us both in an awkward position.

If we’re meeting in public, please tuck my consideration into a greeting card, gift bag, or book. While this last is certainly not mandatory, I’m a voracious reader, and books are a quick way straight to my… er, heart. You can view my Goodreads profile for ideas.

For established friends, I am able to securely and discreetly process your payment via credit card with a 4% service charge. I can also accept checks and money orders with no additional charge, provided I receive them at least two weeks before our scheduled meeting; please inquire for further details. You must ask ahead of time if you'd like to take advantage of these options.



In-date extensions
Wish to extend our date? Do ask! I’m happy to accommodate these requests when my schedule allows. My rate for in-date extensions is 400/hr; please be sure to have additional resources to hand if you think this may be a possibility.

Handling your sensitive information
I appreciate that screening can seem intrusive, especially to newcomers. Nevertheless, this step is absolutely essential to my safety, and standard in the industry. As my reputation depends upon it, you can rest assured that your information will not be shared with any outside party, and will be managed securely. If you’d like to learn more about the tools I use to protect your personal information, please ask.

Update, May 2019: I’ve begun working with my assistant, Chloe, whose primary role is to help handle new client screening and initial scheduling. She is an established industry professional with over a decade of experience, including several as an elite companion in a major North American market, and will handle your information with the utmost care and discretion.

Your privacy is extremely important to me. Please let me know how I can make you feel most comfortable when we’re out together. As a rule of thumb, I dress and behave to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. I won't look like ostentatious arm candy or engage in PDA unless you ask me to ;)

I will never call you without explicit permission. I have a second, nondescript e-mail address unconnected to my web presence which I use during sensitive points of screening, and for correspondence requiring exceptional privacy.

I will never share details of our encounters; I ask the same courtesy of you.

To that end, I do not allow write-ups of our intimate, private encounters to review sites. Why? Because while reviews are a good idea in theory, in practice I’ve found the culture crass, unnecessarily incriminating, and (perhaps worst of all!) deeply unreliable. Each connection is unique – I strive to offer you the very best of myself,  every time, in whatever shape that takes for our particular chemistry and your particular desires.

That said, if you have feedback (positive or negative!) after our date, I would love to hear it. And should you feel so moved, I would be thrilled to add your comments to my personal Testimonials page.

Limits allow me the peace of mind to give myself over freely to our encounter. I reserve the right to terminate or cancel any date with no refunds should you…

  • Attempt to haggle my consideration, or claim my time without appropriate compensation.

  • Use crude, explicit, or coded language to discuss our encounter, both before and after.

  • Ask me to participate in unsafe practices. Even asking about this is deeply disrespectful to my health, well-being, and livelihood, and is a sign we are incompatible.

  • Arrive intoxicated or otherwise impaired by substances (beyond those prescribed by a doctor to manage a medical condition. As a note, I really prefer you refrain from using "performance enhancing" substances, tools, or techniques (beyond those prescribed by a doctor). I'll level with you: in my experience, it often backfires, and that’s no fun for either of us!

  • Behave in any way that jeopardizes my safety, consent, and autonomy.

Clientele selection
I lead a very full, busy life. As such, I see a limited number of clients, and am quite discerning. My clients are respectful, mature, and articulate professionals.

If I feel we aren’t well-suited to each other, or your desires would be more appropriately met with another companion, I will politely decline the opportunity to meet. Inappropriate, rude, and disrespectful messages will be deleted without response.

Your “youest” you
I welcome clients of all genders/gender expressions, races, sexual orientations, sizes, ages (18+), faiths, and abilities. I never want you to feel you have to hide who you are with/from me. As a disabled queer POC myself, I am committed to sharing compassion, intimacy, and genuine connection with you. If there is something I can do to make our time together safer, easier, more comfortable and/or more fun for you, please please let me know!

Tips and gifts
Never expected, always very deeply appreciated. See my Gifts page for ideas. (Though I truly mean it when I say the best gift is your continued companionship and patronage!)