"Nothing like a woman who knows
to kiss the right thing at the right time,
then kisses the things she’s missed.
How had I ever settled for less?"

— Stephen Dunn


How did you get into shibari/BDSM?!
That’s a long, intimate story best shared in person – preferably over a glass of wine or among rumpled bedsheets.

What if I'm not kinky at all?
Then I can’t wait to enjoy some old-fashioned romance, a lighthearted girlfriend experience, a passionate tumble, or so much more with you! Kink can be fun, but it’s far from my only interest. In fact, the majority of my clientele come to me for an elite companion experience – in which case, my kink career simply serves as the perfect unconventional cocktail conversation!

Will you tie me up?
Only if you ask real sweet ;)

Can I tie you up?
Sorry, love – for safety’s sake I do not allow myself to be restrained except with very trusted and highly skilled lovers and friends.

What kinks do you offer?
My experience is wide ranging… so let’s talk! You can rest assured that I’ll be completely non-judgmental of your fetish, kink, or fantasy, even if I’m not a good fit for it. My dominance style tends to be sensual, teasing, and controlling. As a switch, I'm primal, fiery, and filthy. Please note, I almost never submit with new friends, and prefer to add kinky play to an existing, ongoing friendship.

To inquire after specific fetishes, please complete my booking form. I do not entertain questions about my offerings except from genuine, screened clients.

Do you see newbies?
Yes! I’ll screen you via employment verification in lieu of provider references. This is very standard in the industry, and absolutely non-negotiable; you don’t provide screening information, we don’t get to meet. And I’d really like to meet you!

I’m so nervous!
Psst, I’ll let you in on a secret: I get nervous before first dates, too! But don’t worry; I’m going to make sure we have a wonderful time together. For a sense of how things will work, take a read through my expectations, check out this helpful, basic “Dos and Don’ts” list, and consider booking a dinner date or longer encounter, so we have plenty of time to get to know each other and unwind. I have a special talent for making friends from all walks of life feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated… and ensuring they have tons of fun, too! See my Testimonials page for more insight.

Do you have reviews?
Nope. (See my Etiquette page for my review policy)

I read somewhere that you're disabled? You don't seem disabled...
I have bilateral conductive hearing loss, and am moderately hearing impaired. It probably won't come up in our time together, unless you're very soft-spoken and I ask you to repeat yourself. You can always count on me for rapt attention... in part because I'll be avidly reading your lips! ;)

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How soon can you see me?
I generally book a few days to a week in advance... but I also have a bustling travel schedule, and regularly go out of town for days at a time. If you’d like to meet, I suggest reaching out sooner rather than later, as I’ll need time to screen you and verify your references before we can even talk about setting a date.

Do you take same day appointments?
I’m almost never able to accommodate same day appointments, but if you’ve already been screened, you can certainly ask.

What turns you on?
Communication, especially when it comes to intimate matters. Vulnerability, intention and self-knowledge are so sexy!

Some other favorite qualities include thoughtfulness, intelligence, maturity, confidence, good taste and an enjoyment of life (since it goes so well with my own hedonistic proclivities!)… I’m moved much, much more by personality than any particular physical traits. Honestly, start by sending me a considerate, thorough and well-written e-mail, and you’ll already be ahead of the pack.