Baby, be good to me

I truly mean it when I say the best gift is your continued friendship and patronage! However...
I'll admit, I'm a filthy sybarite; I adore my creature comforts.
...So, you want to get on my good-est side?



Red wine. I'm particularly partial to New World.
Gin. Particularly floral or herbaceous, like Hendricks.
Bubbly. All sorts. IPAs. West Coast, if you please.

Cheese! Some favorites include L'Amuse and Brabander goudas, Bayley Hazen Blue, Humboldt Fog, Piave Vecchie, Manchegos... I could go on and on!

Fresh fruit. Flowers, the more colorful the better. Chocolate, especially truffles. If you really want to make my day, might I suggest a treat from Momofuku Milk Bar, Hamtramck's Bon Bon Bon or Vosges Haut-Chocolat?



Contribute towards my favorite pursuits!
Contortion training: $105 for ten classes
Barre: $220 for ten classes, $399 for twenty
Yoga: $130 for ten classes, $240 for twenty
Accepted via Cash App, or inquire for other options.

Ease my body and soul...
Massage and spa services at The Woodhouse Day Spa Detroit, Immerse Spa, or other high-end spas are deeply appreciated.


a modern miss

I love beautiful things, especially of the lacy variety.
Gift cards to Nordstrom, Macy's, Net-A-Porter, and Agent Provocateur are always in good taste.

Show my bookshelf some love with an Amazon gift card... or pick something out yourself! See my Goodreads for ideas. Inquire for shipping address.

Care to make my life a little simpler? Not as glamorous, but I'm a downright pragmatist when it counts..., Delta, Southwest, AirBnB, Whole Foods, GrubHub.