hello, Stranger...

I'm Rowan

My life is pretty extraordinary; let me tell you about it over a drink sometime.

Writer, adventurer, contortionist, art model, fitness nerd, artist and sex educator. A one girl ruckus with a zest for life and a distinctly hedonistic, sybaritic streak. Playful, sensual, clever, genuine, voracious. Wild-hearted and joyful, I delight in being your delight.

I have an Ivy League education and a terminal degree in my field… as well as an intimate skillset cultivated over years in the BDSM community, studying and teaching at the national level. But a talented paramour is first and foremost an expert listener; during our time together, your comfort and consent is paramount. Tell me your truest desires, and I’ll be your favorite daydream…

I am a study in contradictions: the sort of woman equally at home sipping apéritifs at a Michelin-starred restaurant, sauntering into an underground fetish club for a night of trouble, or sunbathing next to you on a picnic blanket with a trashy novel. I move between worlds fluidly, eagerly – won’t you invite me into yours?